The laws of

The first NFT collection created from a book.

Choose Freedom

NFZ: Non Fungible Zlatan

The first NFT collection created from a book.


Eleven statements from Zlatan Ibrahimović inspire eleven artists working in Milan
a magical collection of NFTs for the world audience.

From the best-selling book of Zlatan Ibrahimović (published by Cairo Editore) comes a new crypto art project dedicated to fans from all over the world conceived by the digital team of Corriere della Sera in collaboration with ArtsLife, Wrong Theory, ArtN and Andrea Bonaceto. After the great success of “The Moon Landing”, the first NFT work of Corriere della Sera created by Andrea Bonaceto, a new chapter of our history is ready to be written. A selection of eleven artists from Milan pay homage to the Swedish champion, each creating a different work inspired by a phrase contained in his successful autobiography


In the Metaverse but with man at the center



I love to overturn the rules, the visions, the forecasts.


I love to overturn the rules, the visions, the forecasts.


I have to deal with the past and look into the eyes of the future, my new opponent.


You are only perfect if you can be yourself.

4 - LOVE

Love and hate can overturn any prediction.


The ball: an object of love, a part of me, a living thing.


Don’t settle for being normal if you can be the best.


True happiness is not a moment, but a feeling that is valid for eternity.


I don’t believe in the afterlife. Good and evil always come back, but on this earth.


The deafening screams and screams from the stands are my adrenaline, the motivation to continue doing what I love.


The future seems distant and still, like those snow-capped mountains in the background, beyond the rooftops of Milan.


Is shouting “Gypsy” a less serious offense? What do we do for the other minorities?


Giovanni Motta

Giovanni Motta was born in Verona in 1971. After studying accountancy, he began working in the world of communication as a creative and advertising designer, collaborating among others with Emanuele Pirella in Milan. At the same time, he developed an interest towards figurative and contemporary art, focusing particularly on the world of Japanese “anime” and “manga”, which were to become essential for the research of the leitmotif of his work: the inner child.

Giuseppe Veneziano

Giuseppe Veneziano was born in Mazzarino, Sicily in 1971. He got his degree in Architecture in 1996 at the University of Palermo. In 2002 he moved to Milan where he still lives, dedicating himself exclusively to art and painting. In 2006 he took part in his first important exhibition at the Luciano Inga Pin gallery in Milan


Hexeract was born in Italy in 1988. He is a creative director and a leading international designer, specialized in industrial design, hard-surface design, and robotics. His work and artistic style are inspired by industrial design, concept design, sci-fi, and a surreal dimension.

Federico Guida

Federico Guida was born in Milan in 1969, where he still lives and works. He has always painted and drawn, a passion passed on to him by his grandfather, a marine and landscape painter, and by his father, a great creative in advertising. He attended the Brera Academy and worked in the studio of the painter Aldo Mondino.

Davide Petraroli

Davide Petraroli He was born in Taranto in 1979. At the age of 19 he moved to Milan where he attended the Fashion Design course at Istituto Marangoni. There he met his teacher and mentor Massimo Navarra, who is a painter and eclectic artist. Since 2006 he has collaborated with various fashion brands of the Made in Italy such as Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Privé and international brands like Jil Sander together with Raf Simons.

Ivan Tresoldi

Ivan tresoldi, Poet and artist, Ivan was born in 1981 in Milan. From 2003 he started attacking the streets with poetry blows, painting and posting his poems and compositions along the streets of Milan. Today he is considered the main reference for street poetry in Italy

highsnob eskalator

Eskalator – also known as Mike Highsnob – was born in Avellino in 1985. He is an Italian rapper, author, and ex-graffiti artist.He gravitated around the world of graffiti and street art since he was a young boy, then in 2010, he deviated from the world of visual art to focus mainly on his music.

Giovanni Frangi

Giovanni Frangi was born in 1959 in Milan, where he lives and works. He got his degree at the Brera Fine Arts Academy.
In 1983 he began his artistic career with the group exhibition “Giovani pittori e scultori italiani” at the Rotonda della Besana in Milan.In 1986 he had an exhibition at Galleria Bergamini in Milan with a catalogue containing an essay by Achille Bonito Oliva

Gionny Scandal

Gionata Ruggieri, aka “GionnyScandal” was born in Pisticci, near Matera, in 1991 and had a particularly difficult childhood. His natural parents, whom he has never met, abandon him in an orphanage. The artist recently approached digital art creating Non Fungible Tokens, thus finding a new way to express his inner world. Since 2022 he has been actively collaborating with Wrong Theory for the development of his digital art.

Paolo Manazza

Paolo Manazza was born in Milan in 1959. He is an artist, writer and cultural entrepreneur . After a deep study of ancient painting and informal outcomes of the New York and European school of the 1950s, today he experiments with chromatic superimpositions in a neo-informal style combining the strength of gestures to the vibrations of color. He was mentioned in the book “The Informal Italian way. From Afro, Vedova, Burri to the latest trends” published by Giorgio Mondadori in 2013.


PAO was born in 1977 in Milan, where he still lives and works. He trained in the theater as a machinist, sound engineer and stage technician with the company of Franca Rame and Dario Fo. He studied and worked in the laboratories of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Since 2000 he has started to give free rein to his creativity and artistic vein by creating his first public interventions of Street Art

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“ArtsLife is a newspaper about culture, market, art critique and art history, and is an essential daily reference point for the world of auctions, fairs and galleries. Thanks to a team of fifteen editors, assisted by more than a hundred collaborators spread around the globe, ArtsLife informs and reviews all that concerns cultural and artistic events, in Italy and in the wider world. Initially born as a working tool for the students of the course of “Art Publishing” at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan – coordinated for a few years by the Director and Founder, Paolo Manazza – in 2008 the ArtsLife online platform was registered as a newspaper at the Court of Milan.”

” WRONG THEORY founded by Alessandro Brunello and born from the collaboration between artistic, curatorial and managerial expertise is the curatorial and productive reference for Crypto and Contemporary Art in the physical world and in the Metaverse. By making sensibility and decentralized languages usable, Wrong Theory creates meeting and contamination opportunities between new instances and trends in the universally recognized artistic and cultural landscape. WRONG THEORY as well as supporting innovative artists and projects, is the Real Life production of the NFT space and in 2021-2022 curated space and in 2021-2022 curated the first museum exhibition of Crypto Art “2121 Crypto Art is Now” at the Museo Della Permanente di Milano with over seventy of the most important NFT artists in the world. www.wrongtheory.xy”

“Golden Arts, signed as ArtN, is the first Italian utility token dedicated to art that is proposed as a tool through which people can become members of an artistic promotion project and actively participate in the definition of a new cultural scenario. ArtN was launched in November 2021 by, the wellknown art and culture magazine founded and directed by Paolo Manazza and by Gianni Miller, pioneer of multimedia communication in Italy and of video streaming in the world, assisted by a technical team and by crypto finance experts. In addition to representing an investment opportunity, ArtN offers a series of services that provide advantages to holders, as well as to a wider community that i opportunit ncludes artists, places of art and culture and local realities on which it intends to intervene developing specific projects of enhancement and promotion”

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